The Samurai platform combines the latest generation Bosch mid-drive motor, and internal gearbox paired with Gates Carbon Drive to offer maintenance-free operation in all weather conditions. The dual battery 1000 option offers upto 85 miles range.

Feature details
85 Nm of torque, 2.9 kg
500 Wh or 1000 Wh
Low-maintenance belt
Air suspension fork & seatpost
42 - 85 miles
Average range
20 - 28mph
Top speed



  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Starts from US $4900

Do you want to know what makes the Zen Samurai E-bike unique and capable?
The Samurai in Japan were respected for their immense capability and yet they carried themselves with class. The bike embodies this ethos. The latest Bosch Gen 4 system offers extremely refined ride quality, upto 1000 Wh in dual battery configuration offers limitless possibilities for your exploration. Whether it is the harsh winters of Canada or salty beaches of Florida, the combination of internal gear hub (Enviolo or Rohloff) and Gates belt drive lets you enjoy the ride without needing constant maintenance. We did not skimp on the smaller details like lights, seatposts, touch points, tires ...
  • Ultimate in comfort
    MTB-grade 34mm-stanchion air suspension fork & suspension seatpost
  • Bosch Eco-system
    Guaranteed parts supply and service from 1000’s authorized centers
  • The Zen promise
    We stand behind our product with a Lifetime warranty on the frame and support.
Attention to detail at every level

1000+ lumen lights from Lezyne and Supernova make it ideal for safety and traveling at night

Internal Gear Box (Rohloff E-14) and Gates belt drive for ultimate durability in transmission

No more range anxiety with dual battery configuration (1000 Wh). Go anywhere ...

Super Low Maintenance
8000 to 10000 kms of ride time / belt 3x longer service compared to a chain
Rust-free, noise-less operation
Ideal for Canadian / American climate. Impervious to snow, salt, dirt, water
Withstand -50°C to 80°C
High Performance Machine
85 NM torque for excellent climbing power
Multi-sensor with an advanced microprocessor delivers extremely refined power, just at the right time
Support up to 130 rmp of Cadence
Overhauled thermal internals lead to excellent hill climbing ability