Photon Pure

Step Thru, Long Range, Affordable Ebike with Torque Sensor

Photon Pure, an affordable long-range e-bike. Featuring a 750W/52V hub motor with 65Nm torque, it conquers steep hills effortlessly. Choose between our  UL Certified 52V, 20Ah  battery for superior range or the 15Ah option. The Shimano Cues Shadow LinkGlide 9-speed derailleur ensures reliable shifting. Crafted with a lightweight, sturdy Aluminum 6061 low step-thru frame, it provides easy accessibility for all riders. Rapid charging with a 52V, 4A UL-certified charger.
$2,099.00 USD

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780 Wh and 1040 Wh Options
750W, 65Nm
Upto 85 Miles
28 Mph Max
Color: Carbon Grey
Compatible accessories
UL Certified
EBR Best Reviewed
Lifetime support
Free Shipping

Dr. Ravi Kempaiah’s E-Bike Journey

28 Mph Max

Top Speed

780 Wh and 1040 Wh Options

Battery Capacity

Upto 85 Miles

Battery Range

750W, 65Nm

Motor Power & Torque

Display & Handlebar


Hub Drive- peak canada 900w, 1000w usa
The Zen 500W/750W hub motor, powered at 52V with 65Nm of torque, ensures a smooth, powerful ride, effortlessly conquering the steepest hills


Choose from two advanced battery options: our industry-leading 52V, 20Ah battery with Samsung 2170 cells, UL-2271 certified for superior range, or our 52V, 15Ah, 780Wh option built to UL standards. Both feature a dual-mode charging protocol—long-life mode for 80% charge optimizing cell balance, and long-range mode for a full 100% charge.


52V, 4A smart charger, UL-certified for safety, provides rapid charging to get you back on the move quickly.

Gear Hub

Shimano Cues Shadow LinkGlide 9-speed rear derailleur -Designed for riding dependability, Stable drivetrain performance, its smooth and decisive rear shifting will keep you moving


Lightweight and sturdy Aluminum 6061 low step-thru frame, offers easy accessibility for all riders

Hydraulic brakes

Experience reliable stopping power with Tektro E350 hydraulic brakes, featuring a 2-piston open system, power cut-off sensor, and brake light for enhanced e-bike safety.


Suntour SR 15X110 mm thru axle. Hydraulic suspension

Drive Terrain

LINKGLIDE, HG 11-speed


2.4" Kendra Kwik seven sport Ebike tires, for performance and durability, ensuring a superior biking experience

Pedal Assist & Throttle

Five level pedal assist and a left thumb throttle, offering a top speed of 20 mph for optimal e-bike control and Walk along assist mode

Rear Rack

integrated rear rack, capable of securely holding up to 25 kg, perfect for all your carrying needs.

Load bearing Capacity


Weight of the Pure without battery is ~26 Kgs / 57 lbs
Weight with 780 Wh Battery is ~ 29.5 Kgs / 65 lbs
Weight with 1040 Wh Battery is ~ 31kgs / 68 lbs

Why Choose Photon?

Tired of adjusting your rides to battery bars and smooth paths? The Zen Photon Pro is your escape hatch. Its 500W mid-drive motor rips through climbs and devours technical trails, letting you conquer terrain, not compromise. The 1000Wh battery fuels all-day adventures, while the whisper-quiet Gates belt drive keeps you focused on the wild, not the grind.

The Zen Photon Pro is a performance machine for riders who crave the edge. Its 120Nm torque conquers any challenge, while the Heavy Duty hub gives you the perfect gear for every climb and descent. Unleash the responsive power with every pedal stroke and chase the horizon, knowing your Photon can handle anything you throw at it. Leave the ordinary behind.

Service and Support - Zen's comprehensive service and support network ensures your ride runs smooth, with expert maintenance tips, readily available parts, and dedicated mechanics ready to tackle any challenge. Contact us through our live chat support or call, email, or WhatsApp directly. Zen's responsive support team is just a click away.

Service & Support

Our experienced technical executives are always there to help you with your questions, Contact us through our live chat support or call, email or WhatsApp us directly.

The perfect fit for every rider

5’4" height

Slide the scale to select your height

You will be able to pedal and stand over the frame comfortably.


Hear from the riders


Over the past 10 years , I have had the opportunity to cycle on a dozen or more e bikes from a variety of manufacturers . Much of the cycling took place in America, Europe and New Zealand .I recently had the opportunity to test ride the Zen Samurai and concur with the very positive comments made by the testing crew at Electric Bike Report.

Art Ormiston

Zen Photon E-bikes, a remarkable find from Dalhousie's battery research, deliver unmatched durability and tech excellence!

Deacon Blues

My wife has been using the Photon for a few weeks and finds it a great e-bike, especially appreciating the throttle feature which her previous Bulls e-bike lacked. Her main issue is with the Photon's display, which she finds basic and hard to read, missing features she enjoyed in her Bosch-powered bike.

Kathleen Murphy

I'm thrilled with my new Zen Photon bike, nicknamed the California Zen. My husband Marvin and I often ride on Fresno's bike paths, where the step-through model proves convenient and safe.


I have used e-bikes for 11 years and recently tried the ZEN PHOTON, which stands out as the smoothest, most comfortable e-bike I've ridden. Its high-quality components, including a Gates carbon belt drive and a powerful motor, ensure top-notch performance on various terrains.


How far can I go on a single charge?

You can anticipate a range of Upto 85 Miles with the battery installed in it , also it depends on your usage, speed & terrain.

What is the top speed of this bike ?

The testing* top speed calculated of this bike is 28 Mph Max

What is the warranty on the bike?

From the time of delivery to your door, we provide a 1-year warranty on our bicycles and lifetime warranty on our frames !

How can I get the bike serviced or repaired ?

You can always call us on our customer support center +1-782-640-0073 and get your issues resolved right away .

Another excellent choice is to video call our technician! We have 100% of the bike parts in our warehouse, and we also have a technician on staff who can assist you with any problems through video assist.

You just need to call ahead and let them know it's an eBike before you arrive so they can help you out with non-electric stuff and regular bike servicing!

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