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Canadian-made bikes backed by industry-leading scientists. Watch the videos from reviewers, customers, and more.

Long lasting ebike with bosch mid-drive motor and carbon belt drive

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Here at Zen, we conduct in-house R&D to ensure that we are producing the highest quality e-bike possible. We have a team of highly qualified engineers, mechanics, and battery scientists with 20+ years of industry experience working on bringing innovative battery solutions to the e-bike industry.

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Integrated Drive System

The Zen Samurai Electric Bike is fully integrated with a mid-drive motor, internal gear hub, and belt drive, making this e-bike practically maintenance-free. Key components are sealed from the elements to ensure riders feel the ultimate e-bike experience.

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Zen Samurai with the latest Bosch motor systems

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Free shipping on all Zen E-Bikes to Canada and all US states

Custom Built

Hand assembled in Atlantic Canada, to exceed quality standards and customizations

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products, thats why Zen frames are guaranteed for life


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Innovative company run by
Battery Scientists &
Propulsion Engineers
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Customer Review

“As someone who commutes in the city for work but loves to hit the trails and explore, the Samurai e-bike is the perfect fit. The experience on this e-bike and makes for an extremely smooth ride.”

Shannon Myles

“I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth transition with the motor assist. The city of Halifax is built on a hill, so this bike has made my work commute easy and fun!”

Kiera Hewitt

“This e-bike makes me feel like a kid again, it is so fun and simple to use! I tried the Enviolo gear hub and love it! The display makes changing gears so simple. Would totally recommend it!”

Tanya Kittrie

“This is not your traditional e-bike, the Bosch drive system allows superior range and an awesome display to fully understand your ride”

Sara Matheson

Zen ebikes - The ultimate long-range ebikes

Zen Samurai ebikes equipped with reliable Bosch motor system, dual batteries and Gates belt drive offer upto 180km range and superior performance.

Belt drive, low-maintenance, customizable ebikes

Zen ebikes with mid drive motor, Gates carbon belt and internal gear hub offers excellent riding experience and need minimal maintenance. Zen ebikes are fully customizable with the highest quality components to meet customer requirements.

Zen ebikes Canada | Hand built in North America

Zen ebikes are hand-built with care and precision to give the best riding experience. The Zen team is comprised of battery scientists, EV engineers and committed to the long-term support of the customers.