Mission: Produce high quality, net-zero alternatives for urban transportation and energy storage products using cutting-edge battery technologies.

Vision: Create sustainable solutions for the planet and humanity through electric mobility.

Zen Electric Bikes is a North-American E-bike enterprise headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our goal is to build high-quality E-bikes to enable the growth of electrified transportation in North America. E-bikes are the future, as one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly modes of transport. Whether it is recreational, adventure or commuting, E-bikes are the answer.

When developing our brand, we chose to name our company “Zen” to capture the whole experience of our E-bike journey, and reflect on our roots as humanity. We want our community to have a Zen-like experience; positive, harmonious with nature and uplifting. What many don’t yet understand is that E-bikes come with an incredible sense of freedom and endless possibilities to explore, while reducing carbon footprint and enhancing one’s mental and physical health. At Zen, we value quality and reliability and want riders to enjoy the efficient, active and fun journey that we offer.

Founding Team

The founding team of Zen Electric Bikes is uniquely positioned to lead the innovation in light electric vehicle market and design.

Ravi Kempaiah
Ph.D. Univ of Illinois, Chicago
Postdoc at the Dahn Lab, Dalhousie Univ
Guinness World Record holder, longest journey on E-bike.
Paul Daniel
M.Eng - Univ of British Columbia
Former principal battery engineer - Brammo Electric motorcycle
Somu Kumar
MSc - Univ of Hartford
Sr Technical Architect, end-to-end Ops Management
Prof. Jeff Dahn, FRSC, OC
Tesla Canada Chair
Herzberg Gold medal World’s top battery scientist
Kady Leard
Business Development and Marketing Specialist
Bachelor of Public Relations (Co-Op) - Mount Saint Vincent University
Sri Balaji Durairaj
Media Head
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Investors & Supporters
Customer Review

“As someone who commutes in the city for work but loves to hit the trails and explore, the Samurai e-bike is the perfect fit. The experience on this e-bike and makes for an extremely smooth ride.”

Shannon Myles

“I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth transition with the motor assist. The city of Halifax is built on a hill, so this bike has made my work commute easy and fun!”

Kiera Hewitt

“This e-bike makes me feel like a kid again, it is so fun and simple to use! I tried the Enviolo gear hub and love it! The display makes changing gears so simple. Would totally recommend it!”

Tanya Kittrie

“This is not your traditional e-bike, the Bosch drive system allows superior range and an awesome display to fully understand your ride”

Sara Matheson