Zen Shakti

The Shakti is designed for riders who value performance, comfort and safety. Road taming front suspension, big grippy tires and strong hydraulic brakes result in a stable ride. Intuitive torque sensor combined with a throttle for when you need to save your energy for whatever your destination may be. Full fenders and versatile cargo accessories expand your excuses for leaving your car at home.


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  • Best in class, 48V, thru-axle motor with ~1000W of peak power
  • Industry leading 3-yr warranty
  • 48V, integrated batteries with capacities of over 750Wh
  • Optimized for long cycle-life ( > 50,000 kms of riding)
  • Advanced, FOC sine-wave controller for quiet, smooth power delivery
  • Powerful hydraulic-disc brakes and air-suspension for all-terrain riding
  • 2 Year Warranty on bike components
  • North American Service and Support
  • Responsive, intuitive torque sensing
  • Smooth suspension, Strong hydraulic brakes
Key Features

High quality, thru-axle motor and Shimano 10-speed drivetrain


Air-suspension, powerful hydraulic brakes and 1000+ lumen lights as standard

Bosch Battery

Long-life (1000+ cycles) 48V battery rated at 750Whr capacity


Advanced, FOC sine-wave controller for quiet, smooth power delivery. Powerful hydraulic-disc brakes and air-suspension for all-terrain riding.

Customer Review

“As someone who commutes in the city for work but loves to hit the trails and explore, the Samurai e-bike is the perfect fit. The experience on this e-bike and makes for an extremely smooth ride.”

Shannon Myles

“I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth transition with the motor assist. The city of Halifax is built on a hill, so this bike has made my work commute easy and fun!”

Kiera Hewitt

“This e-bike makes me feel like a kid again, it is so fun and simple to use! I tried the Enviolo gear hub and love it! The display makes changing gears so simple. Would totally recommend it!”

Tanya Kittrie

“This is not your traditional e-bike, the Bosch drive system allows superior range and an awesome display to fully understand your ride”

Sara Matheson