Why Zen ebikes?

When it comes to electric bikes, there are several options available in the market. So why should a potential customer, i.e., You, choose Zen over others?

Zen believes in offering our customers a top range electric bike and we choose quality over cost. We use best in the line, top shelf components for our bikes that makes a great user experience. While it may seem our bike is slightly more expensive than the average low-cost bike in the market, we believe that the long-range, longer life-span, better warranty and the ultimate ebike experience will make our customers feel that our bikes are totally worth the cost. Also, when compared to other top range ebikes in the market, ours is ~20% less expensive on average.

Innovative Company Run by Battery Scientists & Propulsion Engineers

Founding team in Zen is not only electric bike evangelists but also subject matter experts in the field. Zen co-founders include a battery research scientist, principal motor engineer with decade long experience in electric vehicles and tech solution architect. Zen advisory board includes Dr. Jeff Dahn, who is currently the NSERC/Tesla Canada Inc. Industrial Research Chair and Canada Research Chair in Materials for Advanced Batteries and current and former CEOs of chemical and materials companies.

With the right team in place and our product development based on deep research, our goal is to offer products of highest quality at nominal prices.

Understanding more about Zen
Customer Review

“As someone who commutes in the city for work but loves to hit the trails and explore, the Samurai e-bike is the perfect fit. The experience on this e-bike and makes for an extremely smooth ride.”

Shannon Myles

“I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth transition with the motor assist. The city of Halifax is built on a hill, so this bike has made my work commute easy and fun!”

Kiera Hewitt

“This e-bike makes me feel like a kid again, it is so fun and simple to use! I tried the Enviolo gear hub and love it! The display makes changing gears so simple. Would totally recommend it!”

Tanya Kittrie

“This is not your traditional e-bike, the Bosch drive system allows superior range and an awesome display to fully understand your ride”

Sara Matheson