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The Samurai platform combines the latest generation Bosch mid-drive motor, and internal gearbox paired with Gates Carbon Drive to offer maintenance-free operation in all weather conditions. The bosch battery 500 Wh option offers up to 90 km range.

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Frame size

4' 11" - 5' 4"
5' 4" - 5' 10"
5' 8" - 6' 1"
6' - 6' 5"


Single Battery
500 Wh


Enviolo Heavy Duty




Lezyne lights
1000 lumens




Zen suspension seatpost


Magura CT4


Super Moto-X
Johnny Watts
USD $4800
  • 95% Assembled
  • Battery & Motor


The ZEN Samurai is a premium commuter, touring capable, electric bike with Bosch Gen 4 Speed motor capable of 28mph. Offers clean quiet Gates Carbon belt drive, powerful Magura hydraulic disc brakes, and Enviolo continuously variable transmission. Comes stock with a Bosch PowerTube 500 battery pack and 4 amp fast charger. Optional PowerPack 500 doubles range while keeping weight low and center. Four frame sizes, adjustable angle stem, and Ergon touch points ensure comfort. Custom suspension seat post pairs with Manitou air suspension to offer comfort at speed and over long distances. Included SKS fenders, sturdy rear rack, and optimally positioned light offer safety and utility. Weighs a bit more because it comes feature-complete. Pricing starts at $4.6k but rises sharply with optional suspension, brake, and drivetrain upgrades. Battery charge port and downtube cover could be refined.

Bosch Motor

The Bosch Gen 4 motor weighs only 2.9 kg, making it the lightest in it’s segment. With 85 Nm of torque, the motor packs excellent climbing power.

Gearhub (Enviolo)

The Base model offers the Enviolo CVT system which is incredibly low-maintenance with a 380% range.

Bosch Battery

The Bosch 500Wh battery offers a realistic 90 km range. With the 1000 Wh dual battery option, the range doubles up to 180 km.

Range Calculator

Belt Drive (Gates Carbon)

Gates carbon belt drive requires minimal maintenance as it is resilient to all weather and environmental conditions. This system offers a longer service life of 8000 to 10000 kms of ride time.

Technical Specifications

500 Wh power tube (dual battery, optional)
Bosch Intuvia display (Kiox or Nyon, optional)
Magura CT brakes
Gear hub
Enviolo Heavy Duty – 380 internal gear hub
Suspension fork
Manitou Machete 15x110 thru-axle air suspension fork
Lezyne lights – 1000 lumens
Motor & Belt Drive
Bosch Gen 4 motor + Gates belt drive
Zen custom suspension seatpost


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Customer Review

“As someone who commutes in the city for work but loves to hit the trails and explore, the Samurai e-bike is the perfect fit. The experience on this e-bike and makes for an extremely smooth ride.”

Shannon Myles

“I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth transition with the motor assist. The city of Halifax is built on a hill, so this bike has made my work commute easy and fun!”

Kiera Hewitt

“This e-bike makes me feel like a kid again, it is so fun and simple to use! I tried the Enviolo gear hub and love it! The display makes changing gears so simple. Would totally recommend it!”

Tanya Kittrie

“This is not your traditional e-bike, the Bosch drive system allows superior range and an awesome display to fully understand your ride”

Sara Matheson